Machine Enhancements

Refurbishments/Modifications Solutions & Services

Experience, innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction are part of our unique brand of equipment refurbishment and modification services. Customers from a wide range of industries maximize productivity and extend the useful life of their secondary packaging equipment with our range of solutions from light modifications to complete ground-up refurbishments. We refurbish and modify case and tray packers, cartoners, sleevers, multiwrappers and shrink packers.



  • Increase speed
  • Expand product size range to accommodate new and modified products within the original specification
  • New package designs such as tray to wraparound, wraparound to tray or knockdown to wraparound
  • Upgrading machine controls to PLC, providing additional options for machine functions as well as replacement of obsolete components, Ethernet and machine monitoring
  • Alternative infeed or product collation systems to increase machine efficiencies
  • Upgrades to appropriate drive technologies to simplify machine functions, resulting in easy product changeover and a maintenance free system
  • Upgrade guarding for increased machine function visibility, aesthetics and operator safety in order to meet compliance with current NFPA, OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Complete ground up refurbishment to fit your requirements, resulting in a simpler machine with fewer moving parts to maintain
  • Enhancement Bulletins to supply customers with the most recent technologies/designs
  • Potential production line efficiency assessments from a qualified Engineer to identify recommendations to improve line KPI’s

Value-Added Services

  • Acceptance testing at our facility using your product
  • Installation completed by experienced technicians
  • Modified mechanical/electrical drawings and programs are available at no additional cost
  • Customized training/education packages are available upon request
  • One-year warranty on all fabricated parts. New purchased parts carry original manufacturer’s warranty